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Save the Date | June, 22-24th

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Pitch Competition PVCC 2021 , as an initiative of PECAP, was born with the objective of boosting the development of the Peruvian ecosystem, promoting the growth of the most passionate entrepreneurs in the region in Peru, connecting them with investors.


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Invest in the best local or regional entrepreneurs who are solving problems and boosting relevant markets in Peru.

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Attract international institutional and individual investors and connect them with the Peruvian ecosystem.

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Provide valuable resources and networking to entrepreneurs from Latin America who are interested in opening operations in Peru.

Who  can apply?

Startups from Latin America with a high technological component, with operations in Peru or plans to enter the Peruvian market.
Startups that are solving relevant problems for Peru.
Startups that are in the capital raising stage.
Startups that have at least one MVP (minimum viable product) and market traction.
Startups with scalable business models and high potential for growth and impact at the regional level.


  • Contact with regional venture capital funds

  • Visibility to event attendees

  • Virtual booth at PVCC21

  • Direct access to the Due Diligence process of Partner funds*: The finalist startup selected by the Partner fund will have direct access to the Due Diligence process for a potential investment. In addition, you will be given valuable investment documents, an investment memo and a financial model.

  • Non-monetary benefit*: Microsoft, the official sponsor of the event, will award non-monetary prizes to the winner.

*Benefit accessible to a maximum of three startups out of the group of finalists.

Criteria for selection of finalists


Experience, knowledge of the sector and ability to execute

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Product Competitive Advantage


Performance of main financial and management indicators


Opportunity and market potential to capture


Scalability potential of the product or service


Apply through the platform

Open call until May 7 , do not miss the opportunity to connect with investors and be one of the best startups in the region.

competition process

1. Call and filter: Reception of applications through the platform and filter based on the selection criteria. Closing of call: May 7.

2. Evaluation: Evaluation calls with expert investors from the Venture Capital industry. Start: May 17.
3. Final day: Finalists Pitch Day on June 24.


In case you have questions, you can contact the following emails: and

Support Organizations


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